The Flower Family | Boise Family Photography

I love this family.  I’ve known Stephanie (and Tyler through Steph) for many years.  We first met as roommates in a 3 bedroom apartment with 7 girls living there… it was crazy and wonderful and fun.  Steph and I became fast friends, and she soon became like a sister to me.  We spent many a day watching Gilmore Girls and talking about life, and I always admired her relationship with Tyler.  I had the privilege of being in their wedding (and she in mine!), and living in the same town when she was pregnant with both kids.  This family loves the Lord with all their heart, and are some of the most kind and genuine people I know.  Andrew and I love getting together with them… and it is so amazing to see them raise their 2, soon to be 3, children.
You guys were so much fun to photograph; I love the way these turned out  🙂