Megan | Boise Portrait Photography

One of the many blessings I’ve been given in life is to have lasting friendships with some amazing people. I’ve known Megan for over 20 years… wow! Crazy! My first memory of her is from when I was around 8 or 9, and I remember that one Sunday at church we were wearing the same dress. Megan is a few years older than I, and I remember thinking it was just SO COOL that we were matching! Though we knew of each other for a long time, it wasn’t really until high school that we became great friends. I have very fond memories of playing pranks on the boys in our youth group and laughing until our sides hurt.

I also vividly remember the day that my family and I moved to Singapore. Megan, along with several other friends, came to the airport to see us off. As we started to board, I began crying… it felt like my world was ending. As I scanned my ticket and walked down the ramp, I turned back one more time. Megan was there, and I remember that she was crying too… and she just mouthed “love you.” Of course that made me cry harder! The rest of the passengers on the airplane must of thought I was ridiculous. But whatever.

Even though I wasn’t in Boise consistently after that move for about 13 years, Megan and I were still able to keep our friendship going. Every time I was back for a visit we’d pick right up where we’d left off. Megan was even able to come down to California and be in my wedding! And of course, one of the best parts about moving back to Boise last year was that I get to see my dear friend all the time.

I had SO much fun doing this session with Megan. She’s so beautiful! We went to Kathryn Albertson Park, which is one of my favorite spots in Boise for portraits. Here are a few of my favorites:

I love making this girl laugh!

Though we took a lot of “serious” pictures… I love the silly ones too 🙂