Elliot | Boise Newborn Photography

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains pictures of an adorable baby boy!

I never expected to jump on board the baby train as soon as I did. Before Andrew and I were married, I always thought I’d want to wait 2 or 3 or 5 years before having kids. But a year into marriage, suddenly the thought of having a baby wasn’t quite so scary… and soon I had a longing to hold a sweet little one in my arms that was part me and part Andrew.┬áLast April, Andrew and I finally got to meet our sweet baby boy. It still amazes me how in that moment when I first held Elliot my heart expanded 100 percent and I realized that I’d never loved anyone so much at the moment I first met them.

Being a mom is awesome! Even on the harder days when he just doesn’t want to sleep, or I’ve changed his outfit (and mine) 8 times, or I don’t get a shower until Andrew gets home, there is nothing that compares to Elliot’s smile when he looks up at me, or the sound of his little breaths when he falls asleep in my arms, or watching with pride when he learns something new.

One of the perks of being a mom AND a photographer is that I get to take pictures of a cute baby whenever I want… yaaaaay! A couple of weeks ago Elliot was in a great mood and so I whipped out my camera and took some pictures. Though I took a ton of photos, I figured that posting 80 pictures of him on my blog would be a wee bit excessive, so I whittled my selections down to my absolute favorites:

I laugh every time I see this picture. This kid knows how to pose for me already!

I bought this little newsie hat for Elliot when I was still pregnant, so I was really excited to use it for these pictures.

Love you my little Elliot!